About Us

Alumetal is one of the regional pioneers in Aluminum Building Systems specialists, offering high quality architectural envelopes with a product range including customized unit building systems, active and interactive intelligent facades with ventilation, single layer free form structures, Balcony Glazing Systems, Pergola Systems, all types of  Metal Cladding, Aluminum door and window systems, Partitions, Fire Rated Products, Composite Panels, Aluminum System Accessories, Sun Shading Systems, Automatic Door Systems, Railing Systems, Roller Blind & Shutter Systems, Steel and Glass Systems and many other architectural aluminum system products.

Alumetal is a self-contained process that integrates uniquely, including custom design engineering, manufacturing, installation and envelope lifecycle maintenance. These processes are managed with specially designed ERP software that facilitates online monitoring and management at every stage. The systems are linked to their own engineered CNC machine companies that provide direct integration from design to production at each stage.

The Company embraces the sustainable developments and innovations. In order to involve all the employees within Alumetal Building Systems in the project process, online feedbacks are collected from each department. The results are ongoing thinking, engineering and continuous design improvements which are musts for Alumetal Building Systems. This work dicipline is unique to Alumetal Building Systems.

Alumetal represents 5 branches and operates in Africa, Asia, Europe. The company has done many successful projects and export products in these 3 continents.

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